Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have 11 fingers. Which scissors I need to snip off not wanted finger in home?

Hello. I'm from poland. My friend too. He don't have money to buy computer. So he ask me to write this question. And i do it.

My friend have 11 fingers. He don't have money to make operation in hospital. But this finger very complicate his life. People dash aside when see palm with 11 fingers.

After hesitations my friend decided cut finger without assistance of hospital.

But he have question:

Which scissors I need to snip off not wanted finger in home?

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Most Concealment Secret of Prostitution

In the majority of countries all over the world prostitution is illegal. And still it exists. According to the main law of economy: demand determines supply. In our case it means that there is a demand on hookers. Who makes this demand? The first place is occupied by married men. They have a regular partner but they are bored with their sexual life and they search for something new. Prostitute is a better variant then a lover. No obligations, no danger (except the danger of venereal diseases). She works on you and not you on her.

Other men using this kind of service may be unmarried, may have permanent girl-friends. They may be too shy to get acquainted with an ordinary girl. For some of them it seems easier to pay for love and get everything at once than to spend days or even months waiting for an intimacy.

Let’s look on this problem from the other side. Why are there so many prostitutes? I can’t say that this is easy money. Only think about hours of sex, blowjobs, danger of kinky sex… Unfortunately, some of these girls work for a dose. Yes, they are drug-addicts. Some of them have become streetwalkers by means of cheating. They are illegal immigrants from poor countries. Some prostitutes believe in fairy-tales like “Pretty Woman” and wait for their prince. But none of them “work on this field” for the sake of love.

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How to Decrease Size of Penis

To answer this question you should answer the “for whom” question. Two answers are obvious: men and women. Let’s start with the latter.

According to statistics only 18% of women admit that the size of the penis is important. The majority says that the experience and the ability to satisfy a woman are on the first place. So, for women the penis size is not important at all. What about these 18%? Probably, they are too young to discuss this question or they are the hostages of stereotypes which come from porn.

The men’s point of view is the following: half of them think that their penis is not big enough and they wish they had the bigger one. Why? What for? The answer is: so women love me more. But as we have already found out only 18% of women love men with big dicks. So, not more but less women would love your big penis. And to attract the rest 82% female your penis must me normal or even small size.

Sensation! See how Russians call their penises!

So stop thinking about the size and don’t forget that practice makes perfect!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Head Secret of Successful Sexual Life

It is well-known that sooner or later family life is becoming just an everyday routine, you don't rush home to make sex with your partner, you don't phone him or her to tell how you love your spouse and you don't write provocative messages on your phone. You just return home, have dinner together, watch telly and go to bed. In rare evenings and nights you may have sex. Unfortunately, this has happened to me as well.

During 14 years of our coexistence we have tried all possible poses and games, different sexual toys and costumes....what's then? Just coldness... But I didn't want to give up, I still love my husband and I still want to make him happy. And of course, as every woman I don't want him to have another love affair. I've read different books and magazines, searched Inet and asked on forums. While searching I came across one site which offered a course of foreign slang words. I should say that my family is an educated one and we are well-bread and our children are well-mannered as well. That is why we don't swear in our house. But a sense of curiosity forced me to look through a free sample of this course and then to buy it. By the way, it was a course of Russian swearing, and we have heard a lot about the Russians and their traditions. It turned out that their slang vocabulary is much more varied then the American. It was really interesting to learn these words and as these swearings were foreign there was no feeling that I use foul language.

After several lessons and several learned expressions I went to a shop and bought a red scarf, a bottle of vodka, I downloaded Russian old songs and a hymn from the Internet... and waited for my husband. We had a dinner together with children, we watched TV... everything was as usual... but in the late evening when he went upstairs to our bedroom it was time for my surprise. I put on the scarf, pour vodka with ice in plain glasses, switched on the music... and was ready to begin the WWII.

I'll omit all details of our Red night, but I should say that everything was marvelous! And not only once! Russian swearings helped me to reborn our sexual life and to renew my family.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How people wants to fraud

Digg Cheater

Maximum bid: $2000

I need a piece of software that does the following:

Can generate any number of Gmail accounts (specified by the user), from 1-150. In order to do that, the software has to be able to run through a list of proxies (which should be easy to import). The software will pick the first proxy, generate random info for the account, BREAK THE CAPTCHA, and successfully register an account. It will then log out, sign into the next proxy, generate another account, log out, repeat. Until the specified number of accounts has been made.

After that, the user can move onto the next project in the software, where it uses those generated Gmail accounts (stored into a dated database-type file) to go and register accounts with It will have to generate a random name from a list of keywords/numbers, give fake info, use one of the email addresses generated, hit submit, log into Gmail, click the activation link, then log out of gmail and digg, and move to the next proxy, and repeat, until all accounts are made.

After the accounts have been generated, you user submit a story to digg (outside of the software), get the URL for the story, and have the software log into Digg with one of the accounts it generated, "Digg" the story, and log out. Then after a number of minutes (specified by the user, between 5-30 mins), it will pick a new proxy, log in with a new account, Digg the story, and log out. Until it has gone through every generated account

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What would you do if the British government banned alcohol?

38 answers. Best Answer:
it would never happen, they have far too mush to loose in inflated tax and duty....
anyway, we'd all just go on booze cruises to the Continent!!

Other Funny Answers

1. Emigrate.

2. start selling it illegally and gown filthy rich!!

3. brew my own booze using old fruit and marmite

4. I would stop paying my taxes!

5. If it did happen, which it won't it would have disastorous effects for the British Economy.
With the amount of tax they put on booze they would have a huge hole to fill and all of our taxes, even those that don't drink much, would be heavily increased in different ways.
A black booze market would be created and criminals would be making a lot of profit and the booze would be unregulated and possibly contaminated.
The funds that these criminals gain from this new illegal booze trade would provide them with more funds for other activities like drugs and prostitution.
Alternatively people would make their own booze and become criminals because of something they have been doing all of their lives. People who enjoy the occasional tipple would be deprived of this because of the minority troublemakers.
What would I do? Emmigrate.

6. Build a still.. :)

7. They never would. Just like they wouldn't band the sales of cigarettes. They want the duty money.

8. swim to france


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Teacher assignment: go investigate internet porn

A teacher gives an assignement to high school freshmen to research porn on the internet. After some parents complain, the superintendent says oops, and the assignment is pulled.

From the Breitbart article: "Superintendent Jeff Lampert said that although the teacher's apparent goal 'to discuss the harmful effects of pornography' was well- intentioned, he agreed with parents that the assignment was inappropriate for 14- and 15-year-old freshmen at Brooklyn High."

Does the superintendent think the assignment would have been OK for juniors or seniors? The superintendent should have said this was wrong, period.

For part of the assignment the students were asked to write about any experience they had with internet porn. The teacher has no business asking students about their personal lives! This is so inappropriate.

The superintendent claimed the assignement was well-intentioned and didn't expect the teacher would be disciplined. Well most of the time when the rest of us do something wrong there are consequences. If the police pull over a man speeding, he normally doesn't get off if he claims his intentions were good. Should teachers not have any consequences when they make a serious mistake?

Superintendent Lampert went on to say: "At this point, I don't see that as an issue, the whole purpose was to discuss a societal ill."

It seems like he doesn't understand how big a deal this is to so many parents. A mature adult is in a much better position to make decisions about sex, drugs, and so on. But most 14 and 15 teenagers are don't have the wisdom to make decisions about porn.

Scott Gioia, the teacher, said he was trying to teach the students the ills of internet porn. Maybe next week he will try to teach students the problems with alcohol and suggest they check out five different bars in town, and sample one drink at each bar.

This is a health class. There are all sorts of reasonable health issues for the teacher to review. He can talk about good foods to eat, the importance of exercise, and to stay away from drugs.

Scott has been teaching for about five years. Maybe he has given this assignment before, and before no parents find out about it. Another reason to homeschool, to make sure your children aren't given destructive assignments.

Islamic Jokes and Humor Comedy

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

5 Most Idiotic Questions About Penis

1. Penis?????
This is one hell of an awkward question but here goes. When a guy gets an erection sometimes the penis will start to stiffen outward in a pointy direction. Sometimes the penis will bend upward in the shape of a banana in an upward curved position. Isn't a penis just ment to bend outward in one direction?

2. Penis sizes?
I was curious. What is your penis size so I can compare and see if mine is a good size or small.

3. Penis question, is this true?
ok answer this only if your gonna be real and no stupid answers please. i am 27 and weight 225 pounds and im only 5'7. my penis is only about 4 inches erect, and its not too thick. i have alot of pubic fat above my penis, my question is, if i lose weight will my penis get bigger, i know everyone says your penis doesnt get bigger but with that fat gone it will be longer right? is that possible? and i dont think its genetics cuz i have changed around my other brothers like after sports or something and they dont have my problem. i also heard that all the fat around my belly absorbs most of the blood therefore limiting blood flow to the penis, any of this true? please only serious answers and no product advertising, im really concerned, thankz guys

4. Changing the position of penis in which it normally stays affects the sexuality or functionality?
if someone want to change position of his penis in nicker from penis downward to penis upward position, will it affect his sexuality or rigidity of penis in erected condition? for example, if one who always keeps his penis pointing downward in the nicker want to keep his penis pointing upward in nicker, is it dangerous? do it have any effect on rigidity of penis or sexuality? assume that somebody want to changing this position of penis after passage of 30 yrs. wat happen?

5. Penis colour?
I am an asian guy. My skin is very fair but however my penis is very dark coloured. My girlfriend asked me last day why is my penis so dark. Also the head of ******* is not pink like other guy but is rather pale brown.Why is it that i have such a dark penis. It's not dark like that of a black person but rather like a latino. Any method to whithen my penis?


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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who is Right - My Friend or Me?

My friend and I  have had a  dispute today. He made a bet that most of AdSense ads are not corresponded with landing pages. When you read AdSense ad author of ad's idea promises you all world on your palm. But when you click on ad and read what is the matter your mind is burning when you try to understand where your profit is.

So, I take a bet and I need your help!