Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Most Concealment Secret of Prostitution

In the majority of countries all over the world prostitution is illegal. And still it exists. According to the main law of economy: demand determines supply. In our case it means that there is a demand on hookers. Who makes this demand? The first place is occupied by married men. They have a regular partner but they are bored with their sexual life and they search for something new. Prostitute is a better variant then a lover. No obligations, no danger (except the danger of venereal diseases). She works on you and not you on her.

Other men using this kind of service may be unmarried, may have permanent girl-friends. They may be too shy to get acquainted with an ordinary girl. For some of them it seems easier to pay for love and get everything at once than to spend days or even months waiting for an intimacy.

Let’s look on this problem from the other side. Why are there so many prostitutes? I can’t say that this is easy money. Only think about hours of sex, blowjobs, danger of kinky sex… Unfortunately, some of these girls work for a dose. Yes, they are drug-addicts. Some of them have become streetwalkers by means of cheating. They are illegal immigrants from poor countries. Some prostitutes believe in fairy-tales like “Pretty Woman” and wait for their prince. But none of them “work on this field” for the sake of love.

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