Sunday, May 11, 2008

Head Secret of Successful Sexual Life

It is well-known that sooner or later family life is becoming just an everyday routine, you don't rush home to make sex with your partner, you don't phone him or her to tell how you love your spouse and you don't write provocative messages on your phone. You just return home, have dinner together, watch telly and go to bed. In rare evenings and nights you may have sex. Unfortunately, this has happened to me as well.

During 14 years of our coexistence we have tried all possible poses and games, different sexual toys and costumes....what's then? Just coldness... But I didn't want to give up, I still love my husband and I still want to make him happy. And of course, as every woman I don't want him to have another love affair. I've read different books and magazines, searched Inet and asked on forums. While searching I came across one site which offered a course of foreign slang words. I should say that my family is an educated one and we are well-bread and our children are well-mannered as well. That is why we don't swear in our house. But a sense of curiosity forced me to look through a free sample of this course and then to buy it. By the way, it was a course of Russian swearing, and we have heard a lot about the Russians and their traditions. It turned out that their slang vocabulary is much more varied then the American. It was really interesting to learn these words and as these swearings were foreign there was no feeling that I use foul language.

After several lessons and several learned expressions I went to a shop and bought a red scarf, a bottle of vodka, I downloaded Russian old songs and a hymn from the Internet... and waited for my husband. We had a dinner together with children, we watched TV... everything was as usual... but in the late evening when he went upstairs to our bedroom it was time for my surprise. I put on the scarf, pour vodka with ice in plain glasses, switched on the music... and was ready to begin the WWII.

I'll omit all details of our Red night, but I should say that everything was marvelous! And not only once! Russian swearings helped me to reborn our sexual life and to renew my family.