Thursday, January 24, 2008

5 Most Idiotic Questions About Penis

1. Penis?????
This is one hell of an awkward question but here goes. When a guy gets an erection sometimes the penis will start to stiffen outward in a pointy direction. Sometimes the penis will bend upward in the shape of a banana in an upward curved position. Isn't a penis just ment to bend outward in one direction?

2. Penis sizes?
I was curious. What is your penis size so I can compare and see if mine is a good size or small.

3. Penis question, is this true?
ok answer this only if your gonna be real and no stupid answers please. i am 27 and weight 225 pounds and im only 5'7. my penis is only about 4 inches erect, and its not too thick. i have alot of pubic fat above my penis, my question is, if i lose weight will my penis get bigger, i know everyone says your penis doesnt get bigger but with that fat gone it will be longer right? is that possible? and i dont think its genetics cuz i have changed around my other brothers like after sports or something and they dont have my problem. i also heard that all the fat around my belly absorbs most of the blood therefore limiting blood flow to the penis, any of this true? please only serious answers and no product advertising, im really concerned, thankz guys

4. Changing the position of penis in which it normally stays affects the sexuality or functionality?
if someone want to change position of his penis in nicker from penis downward to penis upward position, will it affect his sexuality or rigidity of penis in erected condition? for example, if one who always keeps his penis pointing downward in the nicker want to keep his penis pointing upward in nicker, is it dangerous? do it have any effect on rigidity of penis or sexuality? assume that somebody want to changing this position of penis after passage of 30 yrs. wat happen?

5. Penis colour?
I am an asian guy. My skin is very fair but however my penis is very dark coloured. My girlfriend asked me last day why is my penis so dark. Also the head of ******* is not pink like other guy but is rather pale brown.Why is it that i have such a dark penis. It's not dark like that of a black person but rather like a latino. Any method to whithen my penis?


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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who is Right - My Friend or Me?

My friend and I  have had a  dispute today. He made a bet that most of AdSense ads are not corresponded with landing pages. When you read AdSense ad author of ad's idea promises you all world on your palm. But when you click on ad and read what is the matter your mind is burning when you try to understand where your profit is.

So, I take a bet and I need your help!