Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to Decrease Size of Penis

To answer this question you should answer the “for whom” question. Two answers are obvious: men and women. Let’s start with the latter.

According to statistics only 18% of women admit that the size of the penis is important. The majority says that the experience and the ability to satisfy a woman are on the first place. So, for women the penis size is not important at all. What about these 18%? Probably, they are too young to discuss this question or they are the hostages of stereotypes which come from porn.

The men’s point of view is the following: half of them think that their penis is not big enough and they wish they had the bigger one. Why? What for? The answer is: so women love me more. But as we have already found out only 18% of women love men with big dicks. So, not more but less women would love your big penis. And to attract the rest 82% female your penis must me normal or even small size.

Sensation! See how Russians call their penises!

So stop thinking about the size and don’t forget that practice makes perfect!