Thursday, February 7, 2008

What would you do if the British government banned alcohol?

38 answers. Best Answer:
it would never happen, they have far too mush to loose in inflated tax and duty....
anyway, we'd all just go on booze cruises to the Continent!!

Other Funny Answers

1. Emigrate.

2. start selling it illegally and gown filthy rich!!

3. brew my own booze using old fruit and marmite

4. I would stop paying my taxes!

5. If it did happen, which it won't it would have disastorous effects for the British Economy.
With the amount of tax they put on booze they would have a huge hole to fill and all of our taxes, even those that don't drink much, would be heavily increased in different ways.
A black booze market would be created and criminals would be making a lot of profit and the booze would be unregulated and possibly contaminated.
The funds that these criminals gain from this new illegal booze trade would provide them with more funds for other activities like drugs and prostitution.
Alternatively people would make their own booze and become criminals because of something they have been doing all of their lives. People who enjoy the occasional tipple would be deprived of this because of the minority troublemakers.
What would I do? Emmigrate.

6. Build a still.. :)

7. They never would. Just like they wouldn't band the sales of cigarettes. They want the duty money.

8. swim to france