Thursday, February 14, 2008

How people wants to fraud

Digg Cheater

Maximum bid: $2000

I need a piece of software that does the following:

Can generate any number of Gmail accounts (specified by the user), from 1-150. In order to do that, the software has to be able to run through a list of proxies (which should be easy to import). The software will pick the first proxy, generate random info for the account, BREAK THE CAPTCHA, and successfully register an account. It will then log out, sign into the next proxy, generate another account, log out, repeat. Until the specified number of accounts has been made.

After that, the user can move onto the next project in the software, where it uses those generated Gmail accounts (stored into a dated database-type file) to go and register accounts with It will have to generate a random name from a list of keywords/numbers, give fake info, use one of the email addresses generated, hit submit, log into Gmail, click the activation link, then log out of gmail and digg, and move to the next proxy, and repeat, until all accounts are made.

After the accounts have been generated, you user submit a story to digg (outside of the software), get the URL for the story, and have the software log into Digg with one of the accounts it generated, "Digg" the story, and log out. Then after a number of minutes (specified by the user, between 5-30 mins), it will pick a new proxy, log in with a new account, Digg the story, and log out. Until it has gone through every generated account