Saturday, March 31, 2007

US army sweatshirts, army basic training

Wow, Google showed me that us army sweatshirts have only 582 pages. It's great. Competition runs to zero. You have every prospect of success. A little job and you will get first place in results.

Why Russians use porno in army basic training?

US army recruiter is twice low. As an army recruiter doesn't want to go to war evidently. Nobody wants to go to war. People want peace and us army sweatshirts for cold Alaska winters.

But, army basic training pays $15 again.

What is the hell basic training? I'll tell you:
In the United States, recruit training in the Army is called Basic Combat Training (BCT) and in the Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Navy it is called boot camp as the Marine Corps term for inexperienced Marines is "boot". The term is also used for the general training period they spend there before they get to their own combat or other units, where besides refresher courses they may also be given more job-specific training.
This how it looks on picture.

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